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Random music news for Monday, March 15, 2021

Probably not a great story for a Monday, but hey, we need caffeine, right? (Via Walter) Moving now to music news for March 15, 2021.

  1. New Zealand has it together when it comes to COVID. They’re ready to stage a concert with 50,000 people.
  2. How nutty is the NFT craze in music? Over the last month, more than US$25 million in NFTs have been sold. (Via Olie)
  3. Playing digital music through a 1949 radio? It can be done.
  4. Queen collectibles!
  5. When it comes to podcasts, how many downloads per episode is considered “good?” Well, it depends
  6. Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) had his marriage saved by a text.
  7. The original Apple HomePod? Buh-bye. (Via Sean)
  8. Uh-oh. Another draft of Aretha Franklin’s will has been found. This complicates things.
  9. Has it really been 30 years since REM released “Losing My Religion?” Yep.
  10. Nice Joy Division cover, guys.
  11. Texas is weird. (Sean again)
  12. Speaking of weird, this Calgary stoner metal band comes to you for a concert. Except the gig is inside their fan. (Via Danny)
  13. Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest just sold 50% of his song catalogue.
  14. This Winnipeg guy is selling off 13,000 records from his collection.
  15. This is where Rob Zombie lives.

BONUS: It’s been one year since I’ve been outside. I’m sure the Barenaked Ladies are okay with this.

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