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Random Music News for Monday, March 2, 2015

Now that February is over, can we hurry things through so we can skip the March lion and get right to the March lamb? Please?

  1. Singing fungus. You heard me.
  2. Is it really a good idea to bring Guitar Hero back? Let’s discuss that.
  3. Dave Grohl is awesome again, this time with a blind guy during a concert.
  4. Here’s how you mix Taylor Swift with works of art–if you have too much time on your hands.
  5. Binge watching House of Cards? Come up to the part with Pussy Riot yet?
  6. You know that “what colour is this dress” madness that popped up late last week? It’s the fault of a British musician.
  7. Why would anyone desecrate Dimebag Darrell’s grave?
  8. F1 star Lewis Hamilton plans to release some music through Jay Z’s label.
  9. This guy was playing his accordion in concert in Mexico. Then someone shot him.
  10. Here’s a great list of classified ads–musician wanted ads–that changed history. (Via Tom)
  11. Legally, Courtney Love isn’t as famous as Marlon Brando. Yes, this is a point of law.
  12. Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams are still fighting. This is kinda silly.
  13. Here’s a fine story about Blondie’s Deborah Harry on what it’s like to be a punk icon a 69.
  14. Lady Gaga suffers a wardrobe malfunction. SPOILER: Boob. Giggidy.
  15. It’s been 50 years since The Sound of Music. So what did the real von Tropp family think about all this?
  16. Here’s another reason why I love Eurovision.
  17. IKEA has a new line of furniture accessories that charge devices.

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