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Random music news for Monday, March 26, 2018

Heading back from the Junos in Vancouver today. There had better be Wifi on this flight. How else can I keep up n the music news for March 26, 2018?

  1. Gene Simmons of KISS has been banned by Fox News. He says he doesn’t know why.
  2. Meanwhile, Neil Young says Donald Trump has no balls.
  3. Russell Simmons has been sued for rape–again.
  4. Suge Knight has almost as much trouble with lawyers quitting as Donald Trump.
  5. Rappers sure have a thing for super-expensive Bugatti Veyrons.
  6. This is a fascinating look at how to design proper speakers.
  7. One way to control unruly spring break studios in Miami? Mozart.
  8. How big does Ed Sheeran need his home gym to be?
  9. This woman tortures her husband by doing endless impressions of Alanis Morissette. Poor dude.
  10. I wish my dad was rich enough to name a Champagne bottle after me. Then again, I’m not the son of Jay-Z.
  11. The first-ever winner of Eurovision has died at 94.
  12. Remember that one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album once owned by pharmadouche Martin Shkreli? It was seized by the US government. Now Jeff Sessions may be the guy to decide its fate.
  13. You just knew it was going to come to this with Apple’s Touch ID.
  14. If you use Spotify in certain ways, you may end up as part of their ad campaign. Be afraid. Very afraid.
  15. Interested in looking at how the business of streaming really works? Then read this.
  16. To even his own amazement, Keith Richards remembers the 60s.
  17. Just in case you happen to enter the term “healing crystal dildo” on Amazon, here’s what you’ll get. And yes, there is a music angle to this.
  18. Finally, if you just can’t get enough of the Smashing Pumpkins vs. D’Arcy Wretzky thing, go here.

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