Random music news for Monday, May 10, 2021

Bono turns 60 today. Let that sink in. Now some music news for May 10, 2021.

  1. Perry Farrell chose to debut a new song on MSNBC. Well, it was inspired by MSNBC. (Via DB)
  2. James Hetfield didn’t do the vaccination effort any favours with this interview.
  3. DJs at vaccination clinics? Hey, whatever will draw people in, right? (Via Sean)
  4. Using MTV as a tool against the Cold War in the 80s.
  5. Matt Gaetz, who gets mocked on Twitter for many things, is now being mocked on Twitter for this.
  6. Yeah, I hate this Elton John song, too–just like Elton John.
  7. AJR has this new online game. It’s actually pretty fun. (More Sean)
  8. Consider yourself VERY lucky, Shaun. And are you sure there are no lasting effects? (And Sean again).
  9. “I said BLUR, not BLUE!
  10. Hey, Nick! Can I be next?
  11. If you want to watch the Brit Awards, they’re being streamed on YouTube tomorrow at 3pm EDT.
  12. Music festivals will be important in Canada’s post-COVID recovery. Here’s why.
  13. Live Nation says that festivals are “selling out faster than ever before.”
  14. Michael Stipe of REM helped name a new species of ant.

BONUS: If this isn’t a real band, it should be.

Chewbacca-Band - News may 10

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