Random music news for Monday, May 23, 2022

It’s a holiday here in Canada, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any music news for May 23, 2022.

  1. So much for any outdoor music festivals on Mars, I guess…
  2. And speaking of music festivals, Vladimir Putin won’t like this.
  3. The singer of Five Finger Death Punch accidentally looked into one of the band’s stage lasers.
  4. Billie Eilish has opened up about her Tourette’s.
  5. Someone else has claimed to have discovered the sonic secret of the Stradivari violin.
  6. Ozzy can hardly walk. He needs neck surgery.
  7. Wow. That was one powerful radio transmitter
  8. Okay, that’s a weird version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”
  9. Is this the next stage of rock? It’s being called “Nu Gen.
  10. Director Danny Boyle is poking the bear that is Johnny Lydon.
  11. Emo: The movie.
  12. Carlos Santana: The documentary.
  13. The (brief) resurrection of The Hacienda.
  14. You might want to check to see if you own any of these old Apple. devices.
  15. Can you do this? (Via Oreo)
  16. Into exotic high-end audio gear? Have a look at this.

BONUS: If Roe v Wade is overturned in the US, adult entertainment could be in trouble. Here’s why.

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