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Random music news for Monday, November 1, 2021

Who wants a life-sized Ghostbusters proton pack? Just remember: Don’t cross the streams. Moving to music news for November 1, 2021.

  1. KISS is under fire for lax COVID protocols. A guitar tech died as a result.
  2. Jon Bon Jovi has tested positive.
  3. Tickets to see Adele in the UK are being scapled for £7,500. That’s about $13,000 Canadian.
  4. Spotify is closed this week. Here’s why.
  5. Bad news: This guy had the music up loud on his headphones and didn’t hear the train coming. Good news: He’ll be fine.
  6. Billy Bragg: Not a fan of Boris Johnson.
  7. If you have a set of AirPods Pro, this will make them stay in place better.
  8. Duran Duran: The biopic.
  9. One of the fastest growing music distribution platforms is–wait for it–Peleton. See?
  10. The next big music publishing acquisition could be for David Bowie’s catalogue. How much might it sell for? Maybe as much as US$200 million. (Paywall)
  11. That’s interesting, Madonna. Maybe bad taste, but…interesting.
  12. ABBA’s new songs have been a total bust. But that’s not really the point.
  13. They’re building an arena Seoul that will be dedicated to K-pop.
  14. This has to be the worst name for a group in history.
  15. And this band recorded nine pandemic months recording seven full albums.
  16. Ozzy and Lemmy fight evil in this new animated video. (Via Tom)
  17. Fill-in musicians are saving the day with some big tours.
  18. This $500 million venue on Toronto’s waterfront is back with a new design.

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