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Random music news for Monday, November 12, 2018

I should be in Thailand by now. If not, something has gone dreadfully wrong. But I still managed to compile some music news for November 12, 2018.

  1. Red Dead Redemption II made $725 million in just three days. And to think that its parent company was once owned by a record label which let it go for just $9 million in 1996. They didn’t see a future in video games. Meanwhile, Red Dead Redemption II made $9 in less than an hour when it first went on sale.
  2. Think you knew how awful Cream’s Ginger Baker was? Now read this.
  3. Here’s a cool documentary on the realities of being in an indie band.
  4. Staten Island has proclaimed Wu-Tang Clan Day.
  5. Apple chief designer Jonny Ive has come up with this diamond ring for charity Got $250,000 USD?
  6. The Trump administration is getting down to the serious business of awarding Elvis Presley the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I’m sure Elvis will be thrilled. Oh, wait…
  7. Meanwhile, Katy Perry is NOT happy with 45’s response to the California wildfires…
  8. …and Axl Rose ripped Trump a new one over the same thing.
  9. The California wildfires are so tragic. This father sang to his daughter as they fled the flames.
  10. And Lady Gaga had to be evacuated because of those same fires.
  11. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke have lost their homes to the fires.
  12. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry was hospitalized after performing “Walk This Way” with Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden.
  13. Don’t do this to Morrissey. You’ll only ruin it for the others.
  14. A “cloud tax” on PlayStation users? What’s that all about? (Via Tom)
  15. There’s an excellent reason your new Tesla can’t get AM radio. This doesn’t bode well for the AM band in all electric cars.

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4 thoughts on “Random music news for Monday, November 12, 2018

  • Well, it was Kennedy who first failed him. Then Johnson, then Tricky Dick, forget about Ford, he had no time, but Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr. Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama failed to act properly. Why doesnt the writer inspect the list oif the 31 honorees by JFK, or the last 31 by Pres. Obama. None contributed more to cultural changes than Elvis. By the summer of 1963, 6 months before JFK was slain in Dallas, he had already changed the world in more ways then any of the 31 he honoured. Check JFK’s first and last list, and laugh…

    • There are a number Presidential Libraries with Elvis SEPARATE personal exhibits. Now, let us be serious and ask ourselves this question. Why would a President of the United States have a personal exhibit of someone, without dedicating a single object to any of the other dozens of people he has given the Presidential Medal of Freedom to. Why they are no separate personal exhibit of say, Arthur Ashe in Bush Jr,s Librarry, but there are of Elvis. Why they are no personal exhibits of ,say, Eugene Black in RNs library when there is one of Elvis. The answet is simple, those presidents boast of having had some kind of relationship with the biggest single name in music, in the 20th Century, with what that entails, vis a vis the worlds cultural changes, but did nort have the “courage” to properly credit him for being precisely that.

  • And here is the last of my comments. What were the ten Presidents who lived to see Elvis become simultaneously the most celebrated musician, most influential singer, US Army regular recruit, and his country highest taxpayer doing on October 28, 1956, January 6, 1957, June 28, 1957 and March 26, 1961? Will someone tell me? i know what Elvis was doing, and it was for the common good. Just google image those dates. one at the time.

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