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Random music news for Monday, October 11, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving! (To American readers, yes, we have Thanksgiving, too. It’s just that we do it early and don’t make quite as big a deal of it as you do.) There is, however, music news to be had despite the holiday. Here’s what’s going on for October 11, 2021.

  1. Staind’s Aaron Lewis is even dumber and loopier than Ted Nugent when it comes to COVID.
  2. Maybe he should have have a conversation with Noodles from The Offspring. He’s got a better idea of what’s real.
  3. RIP Everett Morton, drummer for The English Beat.
  4. This is good news: 16 million Americans learned to play the guitar during the pandemic.
  5. The opening of Toronto’s new venue, History, has been delayed.
  6. Why was Kanye having coffee with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen?
  7. R Kelly was convicted of sex trafficking. Then his music sales jumped by 500%.
  8. The Tea Party are back with their first new music in six years.
  9. If you’ve been fascinated by Radiohead’s album covers, read this.
  10. Want to sound a little more like Jimi Hendrix? Take a look at this.
  11. Have you seen Adele’s Vogue covers yet?
  12. Oh, Snoop!
  13. It was John who first wanted a divorce from The Beatles.
  14. Here comes the big hype around Adele.
  15. Tom Morello is worried about American democracy. Join the club.
  16. BTS vs Ticketmaster.

BONUS: These are REAL holograms. Imagine applying this to music. (Via Sean)

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One thought on “Random music news for Monday, October 11, 2021

  • Geez, I’m just glad I was able to see what little there was of the band in 2008 locally at a really great venue. I know the name now but at the time it didn’t register for some reason. I think it closed not too long after and it was one of those perfect venue concerts so I was good for not chasing them down for future shows. I always preferred other bands in that genre. Which seems kind of messed up now because it’s not like they’re coming to town. I think I remember a rumour that Dave was living here in the NW at the time. (States) So sad about all those losses. I wish the guy who used to take care of the dead rock star site would come back; last time I looked, he was totally gone. No response to contact attempts.

    Since this is part of random..I thought I’d share my recent trip to Target where I was killing time waiting on a clerk and noticed they had all that (old and) new or modern vinyl you all have been talking about Well, all I have to say about all the prices are OMFG and absolutely NOT. And many, many other colourful words to tell the artists and the labels etc what they can do to themselves. No way! The prices are ludicrous. Minimum prices started at 18.99 (umm Stapletonchr – abbreviation assumed) and then there were things like Britney Spears first album (I think) for 22.99 and ACDC Power Up for 34.99, George Harrison All Things Must Pass for … 6 9 . 9 9
    Yes. That is one cent less than 70 bucks. I don’t like George Harrison. Not my thing but I imagine that’s on discogs somewhere for a lot less. Hell, probably in a Euro country shipped to Canada less.

    I have very strong feelings about supporting the artists and the industry. I think it’s part of a fan’s responsibility..up to a point. If it’s important to your life. For me, it’s important to my being able to get out of bed each day. It’s integral to my existing. So yeah, I’m way far on that side of the bell curve. It takes all kinds. I don’t expect that from you.

    But FATN to the people who put those prices on those records. It’s the same thing as the people who handle the merch for Social D. I love, need and want Social D in my life but the can take their cheap money grab merch and shove it. It’s not punk rock and they suck. I will do everything else to support them. There are lines.

    End of rant. Please don’t feed the vinyl trolls! They will just continue. It’s not worth it. It really isn’t. Pretend they kill if you have to. Make them your personal evil empire. They are not your friends and you are helping nobody.


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