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Random music news for Monday, September 28, 2020

Before get into music news for September 20, 2020, how can this pitch be legal?

  1. Coronavirus update 1: Some people are very pessimistic about much of the British music scene surviving through the winter.
  2. Coronavirus update 2: Not music related, but if you want to endure the pandemic, get a dog or a cat or even a fish.
  3. Chuck D: Not a Donald Trump fan.
  4. Queen guitarist Brian May says he almost died from a “stomach explosion.”
  5. This an odd but interestingly retro stereo unit for the house.
  6. Rush’s Neil Peart has been voted the best prog musician of all time.
  7. That’s one big hard drive. How many MP3s would this hold?
  8. RIP Mark Stone, the original bass player for Van Halen.
  9. Mariah Carey was on a GRUNGE record? Apparently.
  10. This guy was hurt stagediving at a hardcore show. He just won US$2 million.
  11. TikTok: Still not banned in the US.
  12. A good read: The real difference between rap and hip-hop.
  13. Dub. It was very important to UK music in the late 70s.
  14. If you were in Prince’s band and you made a mistake, you paid for it.

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One thought on “Random music news for Monday, September 28, 2020

  • This topic is oddly relevant to me as I happen to like some old school rap. I don’t like what I could call (new) rap or hip-hop but if the article is accurate, I would, apparently, like hip-hop?

    I saw an article (probably here) about Depeche Mode getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November (?) and I wanted to see if they were going to BE THERE. I wasn’t about to get a subscription to a streaming cable channel otherwise. This led me to a site that led me to You Tube clips where I found out, to my great (for both!) delight and astonishment, that Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were inducted a handful of years ago. They are one of my faves and I am beyond gobsmacked that the HOF had/has such diversity. Unfortunately, youtube only had clips but if that’s all I get, then that’s all I get. I was beyond elated for those 30 minutes of watching (x2).

    I never did find out about DM or how much airtime they were going to get. I think I decided it would be best to ignore that I ever heard about it and not watch it and hope for some clip or clips at a later date.


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