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Random music news for Saturday, August 26, 2023

Have you been boycotting Meta products this week because of its blockage of Canadian-based news during the wildfire crisis? Whatever you do, please don’t boycott music news for August 26, 2023.

  1. This Noel Gallagher guitar lesson isn’t like you’d get from anyone else.
  2. YouTube is testing a program that will identify songs if you just hum it.
  3. YouTube may face billions in fines over some serious privacy charges. (Via Tom)
  4. Imagine being a teenager with a job at Abbey Road in the heyday of The Beatles. Like this woman.
  5. Ted Nugent has been kicked off Facebook? Oh, well.
  6. Cardi B vs. the Twitter X troll.
  7. Lizzo plans to countersue all those dancers who were saying mean things about her.
  8. Was the fire at Vancouver’s famed Buddha’s (formerly Smiling Buddha Cafe) music venue arson? Maybe.
  9. Apple TV+ has a new series about–wait for it–the things that can happen with online guitar lessons. (There’s a U2 connection, too.)
  10. A new film on Carlos Santana is getting a theatrical release. Here’s the trailer. But before you buy tickets, read this.
  11. The CRTC has announced it will defer any new applications for radio stations for two years as the industry figures out where it’s headed.
  12. On-demand listening to audio is now bigger than linear listening–at least in the US.
  13. The Wall Street Journal has this article entitled Metallica at Midlife: Less Alcohol, More Tofu, and a Blockbuster Tour.
  14. Like we didn’t see this coming…
  15. Remember when there was a swing revival in the 90s? No? There was. (Via Geoff)
  16. Jugallo Family Values. Please enjoy.
  17. The Offspring is up to episode three of their new podcast.

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