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Random music news for Saturday, December 3, 2022

Cocaine bear. Sounds like trouble. Music news for December 3, 2022 isn’t nearly that dangerous (beyond the first item, that is.)

  1. Why am I not surprised that Ye publicly said “I like Hitler?” And he’s now a full-blown Holocaust denier and swastika-tweeter.
  2. Elon Musk promptly banned him from Twitter (as he should) but I guess this shows were his “free-speech absolutism” ends. What about all the other whackos on your platform, Mr. Musk? Any content moderation going on? No, I didn’t think so. It has to be someone as big as Ye for you to take action.
  3. At least he’s not going to buy Parler after all.
  4. But Ye is standing beside Balenciaga and their weirdly creepy, child-exploiting campaign.
  5. And now let’s bring the GOP and Donald Trump into this.
  6. Meanwhile, Finland is done with Elon and Twitter.
  7. The music industry isn’t ready for the AI revolution. Discuss.
  8. Amber Byrd, our Buffalo correspondent who is writing a book on the music scene in Kingston, Ontario, recently appeared on this podcast.
  9. Everybody look at the Rainbow Fish.
  10. Radio tuning in Canada among young people is up! Good news indeed.
  11. There are some issues with Spotify’s annual “Wrapped” campaign.
  12. The Royal Mint is about to release a £5 Rolling Stones coin.
  13. If your older song is sampled for a new song, does it make a financial difference to you? Actually, yes.
  14. Burlington’s awesome (yet broke) Sound of Music Festival will be back with some changes.
  15. Have you heard about Taylor Swift dance parties? They exist.
  16. It’s worth pointing out again the audio streams in the US passed ONE TRILLION in 2022.

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BONUS: Soccer is hard.

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