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Random music news for Saturday, February 10, 2024

If it’s a leap year, it must also be time for the Olympics. The games in Paris this summer will feature medals containing “a piece of the Eiffel Tower.” Cool. Switching to music news for February 10, 2024…

  1. Will this year break all Super Bowl viewing records? Don’t discount the Taylor Swift factor.\
  2. This is weird. Right-wingers are cheering for the 49ers–a team from a left-wing liberal city–because of Tay-Tay’s association with the Chiefs.
  3. Here’s a Taylor Swift number: Restaurants brought in an extra US$100 million because of her Eras tour.
  4. What’s AI’s place in the music industry? Let’s look at that.
  5. Bell is selling off 45 radio stations and cutting a ton of jobs. Note how they waited until after their Let’s Talk mental health campaign.
  6. The job market in music is looking pretty tough, even though revenues are up. What do the labels know? And why are they cutting now?
  7. How do you steal a 200-ft radio tower without anyone noticing?
  8. A phone for audiophiles? It might be in the works.
  9. The Amy Winehouse biopic will be called Back to Black. It will be scored by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.
  10. Amazon MGM has acquired worldwide rights to produce a Celine Dion doc.
  11. Canadian singer and all-round raconteur Tom Wilson has a new book called Mohawk Warriors, Hunters and Chiefs that looks very interesting.
  12. It’s good to be the CEO of Spotify. See?
  13. Pearl Jam is really, really close to announcing a new album. Here’s why we know that.
  14. The “fediverse?” What’s that? Oh, just the newest thing in social networking, that’s all.
  15. I had no idea that the University of Toronto has a course entitled “Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll.” (Via Walter)
  16. A goat. That is all. (Via Christopher)
  17. What a dummy.

Random music news for Friday, February 9, 2024

BONUS: In case you’re wondering, a single 30-second commercial on tomorrow’s Super Bowl costs US$6.47 million. That’s 11% higher than last year.

BONUS BONUS: An interview with the AI Clickbait King.

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