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Random music news for Saturday, February 5, 2022

Ad time for the Super Bowl is sold out. NBC got US$7 million per spot. And now, some free music news for February 5, 2022.

  1. Interesting: After Joni Mitchell pulled her albums from Spotify, streams on all the other platforms are up significantly.
  2. Kenny G is going to be in a Super Bowl beer commercial this year.
  3. Winston Marshall, ex of Mumford & Sons, is siding with Joe Rogan when it comes to the Neil Young controversy. Remember that Marshall was “cancelled” and left M&S when he espoused some unpopular right-wing views.
  4. The White House says that more needs to be done about the whole Rogan thing.
  5. Are the Obamas about to leave Spotify, too?
  6. All Time Low have filed a lawsuit against anonymous accusers who they say made false allegations on TikTok.
  7. Dave Grohl has been nominated for an award for his book The Storyteller.
  9. Tim Farris, guitarist with INXS, lost a US$1.2 million court case after losing a finger in a boat accident.
  10. Is there really a CD revival?
  11. So how do we feel about artificial intelligence being used in music production?
  12. The whole Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT thing is now estimated to be worth US$5 billion. Why?
  13. Snapchat just turned its first profit and has 319 million daily users.
  14. No more dairy for Liam Gallagher. He’s trying to protect his voice.

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