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Random music news for Saturday, January 29, 2022

Can you fall 33,000 ft from an airliner and live? Yes. At least once. Now let’s try music news for January 29, 2022.

  1. Chris Brown has been sued over an alleged rape. The ask is for US$20 million. How #MeToo lives does this guy have?
  2. On the same topic, there are more problems for Marilyn Manson.
  3. Some crazy crashed his car into Taylor Swift’s NYC home.
  4. So: Adele’s abandoned Las Vegas residence. What’s gonna happen now?
  5. The Beatles’ rooftop performances from the Get Back doc are coming to streaming services.
  6. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have broken up after nearly 40 years.
  7. Why the Queen (as in the monarch) hated Meat Loaf.
  8. Sister Janet Mead aka The Singing Nun has died at age 84.
  9. Neil Young may be off Spotify but his special SiriusXM channel is back.
  10. And speaking of Uncle Neil, here’s more analysis of this fight he’s got with Spotify. This story has had more legs than I expected.
  11. The Neil thing is an interesting test case for other artists.
  12. Still more: Some musicians have begun to take sides.
  13. As of yesterday, some Neil Young songs are still available through Spotify in Canada.
  14. A disciplined Guns N’ Roses? Yes.
  15. Here’s some weekend listening: What’s the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard?
  16. A Coldplay musical?
  17. New music from The Cure?

More news? Check here.

BONUS: If you’re a fan of Succession, try this. (Very NSFW)

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One thought on “Random music news for Saturday, January 29, 2022

  • I’m glad for Adele. I don’t know her reasons because I just don’t care. Why? Because I saw her when. Yeah, I’m gloating a little. But artists in residence are going to be one of those death of the concert industry trends. I’m sick of hearing about Peter Murphy playing two months in San Francisco and then going home and not seeing him tour anywhere else. I haven’t seen him in..9 years? Before that it was a steady once a year. I was happy. I spent money at the venue, at the venues bar on food and drinks. I bought merch. I bought his music. I bought my tickets (hard copy, please.) Everyone was a winner. Sure, he had to travel but he loved their veggie burgers! And he got to see something besides (Yes, it’s a magical City. Yes, it’s purposefully cased.) San Francisco. Yes, he’s growing older but he could fly to every city he wanted to I’m sure and STILL leave money for his children if he’s got them.

    I want to see him in concert! Him and every other band who is jumping on the damned residency bandwagon.

    The two other trends? Oh, I’m besties with two other bands and we’re going to play together and maybe jumble up and play WITH each other. Ooh! I HATE Liz Phair and bloody Alannis Morissette. I missed Garbage because I didn’t want to watch one or more bands I couldn’t stand plus an opener in a venue I hated with the accompanying crowds that I would hate (I know, a lot of hate.) over a mediocre album for a set that would have been short and a pricetag that would have been high. Uh Uh. So no to that once a year band. <sigh.

    Third up? The festival. It's not just for 20-somethings to go mucking about in the dirt anymore. Now it's fun play on words for (talking heads, tears for fears etc songs) and they're taking my bands along with them. Ugh! Or they're doing the massive reunion shows where 20 bands play two-three songs apiece…and charge a lot of money far away which means spending tons of money for airfare and hotels and so much overhead. It exhausts me.

    But, I'm taking a (not a pun! or a play on words!) breather from shows anyway. I can't stand the disconnect from the communal experience wearing the bloody masks. I'll go to what's left of my season after all the overseas band cancel. Just waiting for the notifications…

    Yeah, doom and gloom Ruins. It's been a very goth week for me.

    Finding out Midnight OIl was doing their last tour NOW when they can't leave the bloody country was a big fat bummer. Be kind and go spend money on their vinyl 😉


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