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Random music news for Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hot? The lowest temperature ever recorded on the planet was on this day at Vostok Station, Antarctica, where it reached -89.2 C. And now for music news on July 21, 2018…

  1. Here are my weekly music picks for
  2. A Toronto dude has sued Facebook for $500,000 for “anxiety” over the Cambridge Analytica leaks.
  3. PROOF that these celebrities are part of the Illuminati! (Whoa. I need to go outside and play more often.)
  4. Adrian Cronauer, the radio guy portrayed by Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, has died at age 79.
  5. Ted Nugent: hypocrite.
  6. You can really take some great pictures with an iPhone. See?
  7. This is not how you pack some earbuds for shipping, Amazon.
  8. Jay-Z vs. major of Philadelphia.
  9. A good point: Why did North American music festivals nearly go extinct during the 70s and 80s yet thrived in Europe?
  10. An interesting look at Internet radio.
  11. Labels are throwing money around to sign the next rap god.
  12. There’s a new music business mentoring program for women. Take a look.
  13. Taylor Swift (among others) has signed on for a movie version of the musical Cats.
  14. If you were around in the 70s, you’ll remember how big KISS was. Here are some pictures from that era. (Via Tom)
  15. Four men have been indicted in the murder of rapper XXXTentacion.
  16. Why the world doesn’t care about your music–yet.
  17. Not everyone is enjoying Paul Simon’s final tour.
  18. One of Muse’s road crew has launched a charity to support the next generation of roadies.
  19. Nashville has become a real destination for scoring movies and TV shows.
  20. Got an accent? Having trouble with your smart speaker understanding you? You’re not alone.
  21. This DJ app can upload your mixes directly to SoundCloud.
  22. Is Instagram littered with bots? Possibly.

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