Random music news for Saturday, July 25, 2020

THAT is one smelly poo. This music news for July 25, 2020, is much less stinky.

  1. Corornavirus update 1: Uncle Dee says “WEAR A F**KING MASK!”
  2. Coronavirus update 2: The pandemic is pushing the growth of listening to audio on digital devices.
  3. Coronavirus update 3: The Genesis reunion has been postponed because of you-know-what.
  4. Oh, so Kanye postponed his album because of Taylor Swift’s surprise release? No surprise there. I would have done exactly the same thing.
  5. Look how death is good for business for young rappers (chart). However, I wouldn’t recommend this route to success. (Via Andrew)
  6. I couldn’t help thinking of Coldplay’s Chris Martin when I read this.
  7. Well, this is an interesting Britney Spears hack.
  8. Wait: There was a demand for a Vanilla Ice biopic? Why?
  9. That time when Bob Marley was interviewed on CTV. (Via Kevin)
  10. A Weird Al algorithm (“Weird A.I.,” geddit?) is being accused of plagiarism.

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