Random music news for Saturday, November 19, 2022

Good question, this. Snarky, but funny. Moving on to music news for November 19, 2022…

  1. What’s the deal with the British and their obsession with the #1 single at Christmas? Here’s an explainer.
  2. Justin Bieber made a bad NFT investment. REALLY bad.
  3. Kari Lake, the failed Trumpy candidate for governor of Arizona, is in trouble with the estate of Tom Petty.
  4. Moog has relaunched the legendary Minimoog Model D.
  5. We still don’t know much about the recent murder of former Helix guitarist Dan Fawcett.
  6. This isn’t your usual Canadian musical success story, is it?
  7. Time to start thinking about music-themed Christmas gifts...
  8. …like this Bad Brains jigsaw puzzle...
  9. … but not this.
  10. Marilyn Manson says that his career is ruined following all the sexual assault allegations and that he’s getting death threats.
  11. When it comes to record collecting, this guy is hardcore!
  12. Rod Stewart: Friend of Ukraine.
  13. Are concert encores a thing of the past? Maybe.
  14. “Immersive entertainment is all the rage.” Discuss.
  15. Amazon Alexa in space? Yes.
  16. Love Rage Against the Machine? Then read this.
  17. What music formats do music writers prefer? Here’s a survey.

More music news? Check here.

BONUS: Where’s Artemis? Here. (Via Rick) Meanwhile, you are here.

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