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Random music news for Saturday, October 7, 2023

A fan of Star Trek? Kill some time with these weird animated shorts. (Via Sean). But don’t forget to come back for music news for October 7, 2023.

  1. Here’s an odd thing: A Bee Gees catfishing scam.
  2. If you’re crazy for coloured Metallica vinyl, you’re in luck.
  3. Ozzy is getting his own museum.
  4. Taylor Swift’s concert movie has already sold US$100 million worth of advance tickets.
  5. Gen Z is turning rock concerts into tame, lame events. Discuss.
  6. Need more about developments in Tupac’s murder? Take a look at this.
  7. I wonder how many of these programs are on AM stations?
  8. Britney Spears’ estranged father is apparently very ill.
  9. Audioshake is a new company that offers “lyric transcription and time stamping.” Here’s what that means.
  10. Kanye and Bianca Censori are legally married after all. But Kayne is still a jerk,
  11. Footloose lives in Louisiana. A kid was punished for dancing at a homecoming afterparty.
  12. We’re on track to see the lowest number of new podcast launches since 2018. Probably a good thing given that there are so many already.
  13. Have you heard the newly released 1972 duet between Neil Young and Joni Mitchell? Here it is. (Sean again)
  14. Scientists have found a strange cardiovascular response in people who listen to classical music together.
  15. Roger Waters claims he’s not antisemitic. Many believe otherwise.

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BONUS: ‘Tis the season of over-the-top Halloween displays choreographed to wild soundtracks. Behold this System of a Down presentation.

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One thought on “Random music news for Saturday, October 7, 2023

  • 1. Snoop wanted me to sign up for his $300 fan club. Gave him my number and offered to show him around the city instead. Never heard from him again.

    2. Nov 10, 11, 12 in Detroit, is the closest they’ll get this year. Get your tix now.

    3. Yeah, it don’t matter who you are. These days you have to diversify if you want to be successful. And successful now means a min. $100k salary. Yes, I’m poor. #BrokeNotBroken

    4. This woman is pre-selling $100M in movie tickets at $20 a pop. Yet some people still hope for a Star Trek future where money is irrelevant and everyone has everything they need (except an Eras ticket & some popcorn). Keep tossing huge amounts of money into a single pot, bring to a boil, add salt & pepper to taste. Now choke on it because that $20 is hardly a single meal these days. Watch your TV and go to bed hungry. See how Swift, Taylor puts food in your belly? You can sing about it all the way to the supermarket.

    5. Good on you for saying no to alcoholism. Too bad that traditionally venues make their profit from liquor sales. Not like GenZ can’t find their own drugs. I don’t want to pay for any more all ages events either. It’s creepy. Jokes on us though because the power is in numbers and kids is who they are marketing towards nowadays.

    6. Thug Life: why send him to jail, it’s easier to get at him on the streets. Oh, it’s only the cops after him at this point. Well, if nobody else cares to do anything…

    7. Hahaha! Political Radio. Not quite Pirate Radio, is it?

    8. The sentence that stuck with me is “We gotta leave this girl alone.” So, yeah, Britney, call me sometime.

    9. Hey, there’s still a 5% karaoke’s chance you’ll get your “honey for nuthing and chips for freedom.”

    10. Yeah, fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. It should be an individual expression of self. Has anyone told Ye that he married a woman, not bought a RealDoll? And no, I don’t care what your marriage certificate says, you cannot appropriate Dec 20th. It is the day of The Generator and more importantly MY birthday.

    11. Lori Singer was so HOT in Footloose. But if that’s a lesson to be learnt, it’s that when the fruit turns, it goes quickly. Meaning, Timonet, this is your blessing in disguise. You have a talent that people pay good money for, and won’t be taught in school. Make your bank, pay for school out of pocket, and dance your little heart out (right into financial independence). The world is your oyster. We’ll fill you in about pearls later.

    12. The podcast bubble has burst. Again, not quite Pirate Radio, is it?

    13. Too slow. Play me Radio, The Watchmen.

    14. Not surprising at all. Fell In Love With A Girl, The Rock Show, The Stars Just Blink For Us, Blister In The Sun, Sick ####… wait, what?… “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Tesla

    15. Way to end it on a lite note, Alan. As a Colombian I’ve been called names like, Pablo, Escobar, Juan Valdez. I was labeled a dealer and an addict before I knew what cocaine was. I was ridiculed for speech, mannerisms and the way I was dressed. Kids & adults can be intentionally & unintentionally hurtful when confronting something they can only apply a label to. Even now, as an adult, I still get called names and picked apart, although more so for what’s on the inside than out. But I am a Canadian first and foremost. Allow me to repeat that, yo soy un Canadiense primero y ante todo. Speech is always directed at others but ultimately displays the speaker. How you react to what you hear also defines you. Sticks & Stones & Bones & Words as far as I’m concerned. Though I am willing to trade barbs if that really is what you prefer. For better results I suggest you attack my Colombian side as my Canadian side is just simply too polite to even engage.


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