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Random music news for Saturday, September 16, 2023

Hands up all of you who were dying for a new flavour of Coca-Cola created by AI. Anyone? How about some music news for September 16, 2023?

  1. Props to these Montreal radio guys who pranked Donald Trump.
  2. WhatsApp now offers a service called “Channels” for one-to-many communications.
  3. Kanye is being sued by an employee who alleges “dangerous work conditions.”
  4. Days after USA Today hired a reporter to exclusively report on Taylor Swift, The Tennessean announced they’re looking for a Beyonce reporter.
  5. Forty years after its released and 13 years after being posted, this song has hit a billion views on YouTube.
  6. There’s buzz building around the upcoming Bob Marley biopic.
  7. Morons. STOP IT!
  8. Well, that was a nice jam session, wasn’t it?
  9. And here’s a swingin’ version of the Batman theme–in Japanese.
  10. A new 35th anniversary edition of New Order’s Substance collection is coming in November.
  11. Worst. Wall of Death. Ever.
  12. And here’s a candidate for Worst. Rock Festival. Ever.
  13. Do you have tinnitus? This might be a breakthrough. (Via Sean)
  14. Kyle Gordon, the guy behind the viral “Planet of Bass” has a new song. It’s a bossa nova about a girl with teeth.
  15. The punk rocker was attacked by masked robbers with knives and mace at the merch table. He played the show anyway.
  16. “Why should I listen to the radio?” Discuss.
  17. Do we need to know about Gene Simmons’ schmeckle?

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BONUS: If you’re of a certain age, this will make you tear up.

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2 thoughts on “Random music news for Saturday, September 16, 2023

  • Regarding the fellow in the punk band who got attacked.

    I was at a show in Atlantic City a while ago, my buddies metal band (Pale Horse NYC) was playing a very shortened set, which kicked ass. The following band got on stage and had a really bad vibe about them. As they started their first song, I noticed a pair of guys in the crowd with football helmets and baseball bats. They just started hitting random people with the bats.

    Riot police suddenly showed up.

    I don’t understand people who can’t just enjoy music without resorting to violence. Why? Why ruin a show for everyone else?

    Still boggles my mind.


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