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Random music news for Thursday, April 19, 2018

If you’re in Toronto, I’m holding another one of my Music Tech meetups TONIGHT at the Toronto Reference Library. There’s free food and drink, but we need you to RSVP so we know how to cater the thing. Details here.

And now in music news for April 19, 2018…

  1. Wait: You mean the Facebook data leak is even BIGGER than we’ve been told so far? Looks like it.
  2. I laughed: According to a UN report published this morning, Syria is now “just weeks away from a Bono charity single”, and opposing sides must “act with immediacy to prevent further unimaginable suffering”. (Source)
  3. We’ll find out today (Thursday, April 19) if Minneapolis prosecutors will pursue charges in Prince’s death.
  4. A Seattle community radio station got a $10 million donation from a single donor. No, that wasn’t a typo.
  5. Why didn’t these streaming music services become as big as Spotify? What did they do wrong?
  6. Remember how Apple bought the magazine subscription service Texture? It looks like that Apple is planning to launch a subscription news service.
  7. Analysts think that Apple Music will grow at an annual rate of 40%. That’s faster than Spotify.
  8. In case you haven’t done the math in a while, the combined age of the members of the Rolling Stones is now 294.
  9. If you can’t sing, try whistling. You might find it easier to carry a tune that way.
  10. Prince’s memoir is finally going to be published later this year.
  11. Ticket scalping and touting continue to be a big problem in the UK. Take a look at this issue.
  12. The CBC archives have been mined for a pretty cool collection of blues.
  13. Sloan: How they’re still together after 27 years.
  14. Record Store Day Story #1: Canadian musicians talk about their most treasured vinyl.
  15. Record Store Day Story #: Toronto’s Discovery Records is going to close after 36 years.
  16. There’s more drama about what will become of the fortune of George Michael.
  17. These earbuds are designed to stop people from snoring. I need some of these for The Wife.
  18. Drake’s ex-manager is in prison for eight months. Tax evasion.
  19. This appeals to the audio geek in me: Rock tracks that can really test your music system.

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