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Random music news for Thursday, April 20, 2023

Anyone want to buy a T-rex? Too late. It was probably too expensive, anyway. Let’s try some music news for April 20, 2023. It’s free.

  1. Let’s begin with the obligatory 4/20 post: The 20 most metal strains of marijuana.
  2. So maybe AI isn’t so bad for the future of music? Discuss.
  3. Meanwhile, Peter Gabriel is pretty bullish on AI’s prospects when it comes to music.
  4. Why can’t the music industry seem to do anything about fake streams?
  5. Billy Idol played the first-ever show at the Hoover Dam. It’ll be released as a doc.
  6. Johnny Marr has written a book about guitars. It’s called Marrs’ Guitars.
  7. Imagine Dragons’ singer Dan Reynolds is getting a divorce after 10 years of marriage.
  8. The moon is getting 4G wireless service. Roaming fees will be murder.
  9. Like instrumentals? Check out this list.”
  10. Musicians to venues: CUT IT OUT!
  11. This could be a music solution for a lot of businesses.
  12. There’s been a development that could change earbud design.
  13. The Cure tried to stop scalpers on their upcoming tour. Scalpers have found a workaround.
  14. The name of this band is what?
  15. Some people insist on buying cassettes. I don’t get it.
  16. If you’re a fan of Yellowjackets, then you’re also probably a fan of the music from the series. It is good.

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BONUS: Is this the most dangerous musical instrument of all time? Discuss. (Via Larry)

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One thought on “Random music news for Thursday, April 20, 2023

  • You don’t get people buying cassettes, but you celebrate vinyl all the time? There’s no difference! They’re both outdated, crappy audio formats that are technologically inferior to the sound we can get today for cheaper. I have no idea why anyone wants a vinyl record in 2023. It’s like pining for a black & white, standard definition TV when you could get a 4k OLED for cheaper.


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