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Random music news for Thursday, August 11, 2022

If you feel that the world is spinning faster than ever before, you’re not wrong. Literally not wrong. Now try some music news for August 11, 2022.

  1. RIP Motown writing legend Lamont Dozier.
  2. RIP Pogues bass player Darryl Hunt. He was 72.
  3. Another Trump-related lawsuit: A concert promoter is suing a Trump-branded hotel for backing out of hosting a music festival.
  4. That classic Jaguar has been sitting in Noel Gallagher’s garage for 25 years. Since he never learned to drive, he decided to finally sell it for £125,000.
  5. These Ukrainians turned a village clean-up into a rave.
  6. What effect would a TikTok music app have on music streaming? Let’s investigate.
  7. The owner of TikTok just bought a chain of hospitals in China. Wait–what?
  8. Universal Music Group vs. the energy drink.
  9. One of the big K-pop agencies has announced it will no longer sell CDs because of environmental concerns.
  10. Why would you spend all that money to go to a Lady Gaga concert only to throw something at her and hit her in the head? Morons.
  11. Check out these new Canadian-made speakers.
  12. U2 fanatics are getting geared up for the possible release of two albums and the announcement of a tour for 2023.
  13. And then there’s this possible re-release of U2 singles.
  14. These guys were caught siphoning royalties away from artists on YouTube.

BONUS: The Adorable Nandi Bushell is now on TikTok.

@the_bushell_family A few months after falling in love with #Nirvana I discovered Queens of the Stone Age! This is when I started to become obsessed with Mr Grohl’s playing. I started to form my style from copying him. I began to practice hours every day. I was having so much fun. I was 9 years old in this video. My sticks were nearly as big as me! #queensofthestoneage #davegrohl #davegrohlismyhero #nooneknows #drum #drums #drumming #drummer #drummergirl #girldrummer #superdrummer #drumlife #cymbal #drumuniversity #percussion #femaledrummer #femaledrummers #drumfamily #batterie #percussão #baterista #zildjiancovers ♬ original sound – The_Bushell_Family

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2 thoughts on “Random music news for Thursday, August 11, 2022

  • RIP Darryl Hunt.

    It was my great pleasure to be able to see the Pogues a few time in my life. No matter what condition Shane was in, the crowds more than made up for his lack of vocals with their/our own and the band. Oh, the band….they played and cavorted (yes, that’s what I said!) on stage like they were in their 20s. You’d never guess their age with their mad antics. I sure as hell know if I tried some of the stuff they were doing on stage that I’d be taking heavy painkillers afterwards but they just played and put on a grand show like nothing else. Every time. Losing any of them is losing a great treasure and NONE can compare. Any who try are just fucking poseurs.


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