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Random music news for Thursday, August 16, 2018

On this day in 1962, drummer Pete Best is fired by the Beatles. Two days later, he was replaced by some guy named Ringo. They managed to do all right after that. Oh, and Elvis died on this day in 1977.And on August 16, 2018…

  1. Speaking of Elvis, people are talking about the 50th anniversary of his big comeback TV special.
  2. Apple glasses? Could be coming soon.
  3. This podcast imagines what it might be like to be a fly on the wall in the Trump White House.
  4. Donald Trump reportedly encouraged Gene Simmons to make sexual remarks about Ivanka right in front of her. Creepy, creepy dudes…
  5. When is music going to have its defining #MeToo moment? One day, one day…
  6. Want to buy a property owned by Courtney Love? Go here.
  7. Want to buy Madonna’s old Mini? It’s for sale in Auto-Trader.
  8. And now that Madonna’s 60, there are plenty of career retrospectives being written–like this one from the BBC. And here’s another.
  9. Where did the Elvis-is-still-alive meme come from? Could it be here?
  10. This kind of dancing never happens for me when I go through airport security in the US.
  11. A big problem with summer music festivals involves noise. How do organizers get around it?
  12. Disney is screaming “fair use” about copyrighted material regarding some Michael Jackson music. That’s rich considering Disney has spent decades successfully lobbying for changes to copyright laws to keep Mickey Mouse out of the public domain.
  13. Need someone to help you make sense of classical music? Look at this.
  14. I wish my parents were into music this much.
  15. Is classic rock dead? It’s a serious question.
  16. The goal of this concert is to put you to sleep. People actually bring their pajamas.
  17. Even George Soros is getting into the streaming game with some big investments.
  18. British band The Kooks have launched this site to go along with the warmest UK summer in memory.
  19. Another example of the power of radio.
  20. Aerosmith is going Vegas.
  21. Remember those sonic attacks in Cuba? They’re still a mystery.

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