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Random Music News for Thursday, August 27, 2015

Do NOT believe anything about that “double moon” bullshit for tonight. But when it comes to music news, you can believe this.

  1. Morrissey hates Trump. What a surprise. What is a surprise is that he’s no Obama fan.
  2. How Drake won the heart of Serena Williams. Apparently.
  3. How to be a DJ when you’re deaf.
  4. So should we worry about Spotify’s gathering of data?
  5. How to make your dumb car smart.
  6. This is a cool personal blog: “A Pile of Concert Tickets.” (Via Stephen)
  7. Why we shouldn’t feel bad about spending less on music. Discuss.
  8. This computer can fake out expert musicians when it comes to making music.
  9. Survey: US music industry executives love Taylor Swift but hate rap. Interesting…
  10. What Laibach learned when they played North Korea.
  11. 10 reasons Keith Richards will outlive you (and everyone else.)
  12. Here’s a three-hour introduction to Goth.
  13. Wow. A rare Brian Eno performance video.
  14. Odd. Sony’s new speaker is a TV remote. Or is that the other way around?
  15. This could be the darkest music festival of the year. (Via Peter)
  16. Johnny Rotten is now an American citizen.

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