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Random music news for Thursday, August 30, 2018

Today is the 55th anniversary of the Washington-Moscow hotline that went into use after the Cuban missile crisis. And when it comes to music news for August 30, 2018, there’s once again quite a bit out there.

  1. Oh, Liam. What have you been up to?
  2. Does Donald Trump cause diarrhoea in musicians? Maybe.
  3. He’s certainly changed the way teens view the news.
  4. Facebook Watch? What’s that? (Hint: It’s not something you wear on your wrist.)
  5. Hey, should Apple buy Tesla? There’s an argument for that.
  6. Are Neil Young and Daryl Hannah married? They have been dating for four years.
  7. A good question: Will virtual reality concerts ever go mainstream?
  8. Some 60,000 tents were abandoned after the Reading Festival. Seems like a waste, doesn’t it?
  9. Well, we know which side Bono is on when it comes to Brexit.
  10. A Moroccan pop star has been arrested on sexual assault charges for the third time in eight years.
  11. Sure, it’s nice to have a hobby, but sheesh
  12. Interested in watching Aretha’s funeral on TV? Go here for details.
  13. What can radio learn from what’s going on in the smart speaker world? Plenty, as it turns out.
  14. Now Bose has a smart speaker.
  15. The Spinal Tap court case is still turned up to 11.
  16. The new remix of The Beatles’ white album is set for release on November 22.
  17. What’s it like to manage The Rolling Stones? Very, very tricky.
  18. I think I want this TV.
  19. What’s this new #LoveMusic campaign the music industry has launched? Oh.
  20. Has your music start-up failed? Read this.
  21. If teens are cutting down on social media use, should the music industry be worried? Maybe.
  22. How’s Michael Jackson’s image doing these days?
  23. Avicii sold his house in California for $17.5 million just months before he died.
  24. Yes, the BTS brand of K-pop is HUGE.

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