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Random music news for Thursday, August 8, 2019

On this day in 1963, the Great Train Robbery happened. Years later, one of the robbers, Ronnie Biggs, would hang out with the Sex Pistols. Moving on to music news for August 8, 2019, we have this…

  1. This diehard Tool fan is begging the band NOT to release their new album. This is why.
  2. A very important read for anyone concern with Canadian music: Is CanCon compatible with the age of streaming?
  3. As usual, the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos ended up with everything on fire.
  4. So far this year, nine out of the ten most-viewed music videos on YouTube are in languages other than English.
  5. The original Woodstock was a weird time for Carlos Santana. Here’s why.
  6. Want to know how hits are discovered and promoted? Read this.
  7. Another music-making AI. Should we be afraid?
  8. Not music-related, but interesting: Tinder now has 5.2 million subscribers.
  9. With some on the American right blaming video games for acts of violence (like mass shootings), a recent study found that there was a 226% increase in reported hate crimes in counties that hosted a Trump rally in 2016.
  10. Speaking of gun violence, more and more artists are speaking up on the subject.
  11. Sheryl Crow used to sing backup for Michael Jackson. What does she have to say about the paedo controversies that surround him? This.
  12. The whole A$AP Rocky vs. Sweden thing proves that the world is now totally batshit crazy. Discuss.
  13. Noel Gallagher says he’ll sell the Oasis masters to the highest bidder so he can “buy a plane, a yacht, and a chimp with a top hat with the money.”
  14. Can’t say I feel bad for this creep.

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