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Random music news for Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day. Yuck. Sorry. I’ll focus on music news for February 14, 2019 instead.

  1. Ozzy is officially out of the ICU and is now breathing on his own. Crikey, Ozzy, you scared us.
  2. Oh, dear: Ryan Adams and #MeToo allegations.
  3. Yeah, the TV ratings for the Grammys sucked. Big time.
  4. Wanna buy Lars Ulrich’s mansion in San Francisco? Only US$12 million.
  5. So Michael Anthony IS rejoining Van Halen? I’m so confused.
  6. Identify theft is the newest thing in music piracy.
  7. Spotify is really going after Apple when it comes to podcasts. Again, this is war.
  8. Still with Spotify, I just got this book: Spotify Teardown: Inside the Black Box of Streaming Music. The company is NOT happy about it.
  9. New gear from Apple next month? That’s the rumour.
  10. Frank Zappa is going on tour–as a hologram. Dates have been set.
  11. Meanwhile, Avril Lavigne would like to emphasize she’s not dead and has not been replaced by a body double.
  12. Ever heard of an app called TikTok? If you’re an artist, you’d better pay attention.
  13. A new study says that 16% of Americans now own a smart watch.
  14. Fornite vs. the dance moves lawsuit. Is it me or is this just silly?
  15. The upcoming film on Norwegian black metal set in the 1990s is apparently pretty intense. In fact, there are people who want Lords of Chaos banned. Can’t wait to see it.
  16. Do you make YouTube videos? Want some insight on what makes a video successful? Read this.
  17. An interesting question: When does the average person lose interest in discovering new music?
  18. The World Health Organization wants to limit the volume in nightclubs to keep people from going deaf. Some suggestion that earplugs are as important as condoms for a night out.
  19. Grandmaster Flash and Sophie Mutter have won the 2019 Polar Music Prize.
  20. How much does Dave Grohl like Billie Eilish? This much.
  21. Here’s a fond look at the music of 1994.
  22. You know what’s messing up the acoustics of our forests? Hungry deer.

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