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Random music news for Thursday, June 14, 2018

Donald Trump’s friends are Russia, China, and North Korea. His enemies are Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. What’s wrong with this picture? Think about that as we review the music news for June 14, 2018.

  1. The World Cup starts today in Russia. Robbie Williams is accused of “selling his soul” to a dictator to get the opening ceremonies gig.
  2. Think that all of today’s pop songs sound the same? Here’s proof that you aren’t wrong.
  3. And the biggest artist on YouTube in 2018 is…who?
  4. So what does the AT&T/Time-Warner merger mean for music? Let’s take a look.
  5. California’s biggest independent record store is now selling weed.
  6. Buying a new car? This article ranks every infotainment system out there.
  7. You gotta love these smalltown music festivals like ForgeFest in Tillsonburg.
  8. Who cares about new music? Let’s delve into that question.
  9. The guy who staged the bogus and disastrous Fyre Festival has been arrested on even more charges.
  10. Thanks to Robin for bringing this story about Toronto’s RPM club to my attention. Those were interesting days.
  11. Another look at the most valuable vinyl records on earth.
  12. Are streaming services the new A&R? Maybe.
  13. I’ve flown through Berlin’s Tegel Airport and it’s awful. The good news? It’ll close soon when the city’s new airport opens. It might end up becoming a nightclub.
  14. This band is doing something about all the plastic in the world’s oceans.
  15. Let’s contemplate the impact of Apple’s AirPods for a second.
  16. Leaked nude pictures of Justin Bieber has increased streaming of his songs by 600% in Australia.
  17. BitTorrent has been sold to a big cryptocurrency dude.
  18. It was not a good year for Bonnaroo for a number of reasons.
  19. Want to write your own Predator soundtrack? Try this. (Via Tom)

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2 thoughts on “Random music news for Thursday, June 14, 2018

  • As usual, Alan Cross shows himself to be a simpleminded socialist with a nice music background. He lives on a diet of liberal propaganda and his political ideas spoil his thoughts on music, with the smell of the human excrement that Allan embodies.

    • Hello, comrade! How’s the trolling business? And what, exactly, did I say in my opening statement in this post that was simpleminded, socialist and otherwise wrong?


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