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Random music news for Thursday, November 29, 2018

On this day in 1972, Atari released Pong. It became the first successful commercial video game. As for music news on November 29, 2018…

  1. Weird trivia: The late creator of SpongeBob SquarePants also designed album art for Beck.
  2. If you were ever a fan of Silverchair, you’ll want to read this book.
  3. Here’s how people have been gaming Spotify and SoundCloud to artificially inflate play numbers.
  4. Interesting how Jacob Hoggard of Hedley keeps having his sexual assault case kicked down the road.
  5. Ever hear of MusicMonster? It’s now been declared illegal.
  6. Ron Howard is going to make a movie about Pavarotti.
  7. Drake has opened another one of his stores.
  8. A Montreal street artist can now say one of his clients is Madonna.
  9. Are you a musician who collaborates with others online? Here’s a new way to do that.
  10. Speaking of apps, here’s one that allows you to listen to music with other people in real time.
  11. Do you write code for a living? These music tips will help you be a better coder.
  12. When we get autonomous vehicles, what are we going to do while the car does the driving? Audi and Disney are apparently working on something.
  13. “How restaurants got so loud.” There’s a music angle to this.
  14. Shane McGowan got married this week to his partner Victor after 32 years together. There was a problem with Johnny Depp at the reception.
  15. Stevie Wonder has also pledged to help victims of the California wildfires.

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