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Random music news for Thursday, October 15, 2020

Skull cakes? Kinda cool, actually. As for music news on Thursday, October 15…

  1. Coronavirus update 1: Remember that no social distancing Chainsmokers show in NY State back in the summer? The promoters have been fined US$20,000.
  2. Coronavirus update 2: How important are music venues to the local economy. THIS important. (Via Mayor McCheese)
  3. This explains why so many people are upset over the death of Eddie Van Halen. (Via Curtis)
  4. Thanks to that viral video by the dude with the cranberry juice, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” has generated 36 million global streams over the last week.
  5. Oh, and you can now get a “Dreams” meme Halloween costume.
  6. Kanye really doesn’t get this running for president thing.
  7. Elton John has settled things with his ex-wife.
  8. Musicians you may not realize are dead. (There were a few in here that I missed.)
  9. The Flaming Lips did their “space bubble” concert.
  10. A Smashing Pumpkins/Jay-Z mashup album? Yes.
  11. More Metallica whisky
  12. Some good tips here: How to choose your first set of speakers.
  13. Cool: Some very pretty songs from the Milky Way.
  14. So what’s this that Ice Cube is doing with the Trump campaign? Oh.
  15. Schemenges! (Via Tom)

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