Random music news for Thursday, October 27, 2022

The “world’s dirtiest man” has died at age 94. He refused to bathe because he thought it would make him sick. Maybe he had a point? On to music news for October 27, 2022.

  1. A nice achievement for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. No one has done this in 17 years.
  2. Time to get caught up on all the official World Cup songs from over the years.
  3. Here’s an interesting side hustle for a Canadian radio host. I wish someone would have asked me to do this.
  4. Concerned by the climate crisis? Then you might need to get into “apocalypse pop.”
  5. A metal-themed circus? Yes, please.
  6. Have we seen the end of the frenzy to buy artists’ catalogues? Maybe.
  7. Twitter is having a rough time. It’s losing subscribers.
  8. SiriusXM dropped CBC Radio 3. This isn’t good for Canadian artists.
  9. Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have a bad stalker problem.
  10. Taylor Hawkins spoke of Chris Cornell in his final interview.
  11. When the Smashing Pumpkins were in Toronto on Monday, Billy Corgan went record shopping.
  12. Photo supplier Shutterstock will soon start selling images generated by AI
  13. …and before you dismiss that, take this test to see if you can spot such images.
  14. Taylor Swift’s Midnights album is even selling like crazy in China.
  15. This is pretty inside baseball when it comes to radio, but I’m one of the people who are slightly nostalgic for the old days of records, carts, and tape.
  16. Southern Tracks, an iconic Alabama recording studio once used by Pearl Jam and Springsteen, has been torn down. (Via Scott)

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BONUS: If you’re headed to Indonesia, make sure you stay off the grass. Here’s why.

BONUS BONUS: Why, dude?

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