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Random music news for Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Here’s the headline: “A Poop-Delivery Service Was Hacked.” You want to click here, don’t you? Do it–then come back for music news for August 16, 2022.

  1. Rolling Stone has named U2 the longest continuously-running band on the planet. Here’s their rationale.
  2. Roger Waters has a lot to say, but what he has to say is polarizing some people. Waters is getting testy, too.
  3. There’s a virtual robot rapper with 10 million followers. It just got a record deal with Capitol. Meet FN Mecha.
  4. Good. This was the right outcome. (Via Max)
  5. ‘Murica. Another shooting at a music festival.
  6. UK music venues, bars, pubs, restaurants, and hotels are facing an emergency situation due to rising energy prices
  7. …and Brexit is killing touring for new bands.
  8. Snoop Dogg has a new breakfast cereal. It’s called “Snoop Loopz,” of course.
  9. Antytila is a Ukrainian rock band fighting on the front lines against Russia. Here’s their story. (Via Sean)
  10. Mariah Carey’s house in Atlanta got burgled when she was on vacation.
  11. Meanwhile, Mariah wants to be trademarked as “The Queen of Christmas.” It’s not going well.
  12. Porno for Pyros is back in the studio.
  13. Ads on our iPhones? I‘m not sure I like this.
  14. You can’t do this with a musical, people. It’s copyrighted!
  15. Boat wash? What does that have to do with a country concert?
  16. Here’s a weird legal situation involving Prince and Andy Warhol.

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BONUS: Death metal rooster.

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