Random Music News for Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fifty-five years ago today, the US FDA approved the first-ever oral contraceptive.

  1. Diddy got arrested yesterday after fighting with a UCLA football coach.
  2. Here’s a great list of 14 record labels which rejected bands who later went on to be massive.
  3. A Montreal restaurant has a good Bono story. (Via Larry)
  4. Speaking of U2, there’s a new book on the band. (Larry again)
  5. And The Edge is apparently quite the fan of producer Nile Rodgers. (Still more Larry)
  6. Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson: a helluva nice guy with the kids. (Via Tom)
  7. Believe it or not, it’s still illegal in the UK to rip CDs that you bought to MP3 for your own use.
  8. Gene Simmons says that that lack of new rock stars is all the fault of music fans.
  9. Spoon cover band freaks out when Spoon shows up to their gig.
  10. In the mood for some unheard Amy Winehouse material?
  11. Silent discos are still a thing. (Back to Tom again.)
  12. Will “Mastered for iTunes” become the new industry standard?
  13. Here’s a list of what’s purported to be the top 100 music blogs. At least one is missing. I’ll let you guess which one.
  14. The theme song for Jurassic Park is #1. Seriously.
  15. Will Top Gear destroy BBC Radio 2? Maybe.
  16. This guy would rather get music recommendations from robots than DJs. As you might expect, I think he’s full of shite.
  17. Chinese lip sync battle. It’s on.

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