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Random music news for Tuesday, May 16, 2013

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here, but it’s…interesting (via Rick J). So is music news for May 16, 2023.

  1. Podcasting’s reach continues to get wider. It’s even starting to rival radio and TV.
  2. Meanwhile, AM radio seems to be hurtling toward a forced extinction. This is not good.
  3. Noel Gallagher: Not a fan of Brexit. (Via Sean)
  4. An 18-year-old has confessed to shooting Pop Smoke. He was 15 at the time of the murder.
  5. Remember the MTV News feud between Kurt Cobain and Stevie Nicks.
  6. Interesting. Only 42% of people believe that creators should be paid when AI uses their stuff.
  7. It looks like Adele will make US$2 million A NIGHT for some shows in Las Vegas.
  8. The hills are alive with the sound of f-bombs. Here’s what I mean.
  9. Can Bluesky lure people away from Twitter? We’ll see.
  10. U2 has announced additional shows for their residency at The Sphere in Las Vegas. But there are yet more ticketing/seating issues for U2’s Las Vegas Residency at The Sphere. (Via Aaron)
  11. And The Sphere’s construction budget has passed US$2 billion. How will it every be paid for?
  12. To afford the new Drake merch, you have to have as much money as Drake. Or you could just buy a Drake candle.
  13. Fascinated by the mysterious nature of acoustic guitars? Take a look at this.
  14. Is there such a thing as too much Weezer? Rivers Cuomo thinks so.
  15. The Offspring have a new drummer. On that note, shouldn’t we hear something about the Foo Fighters any second now?

More music news? Look here.

BONUS: Wait. Is this real? (Via Larry)

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2 thoughts on “Random music news for Tuesday, May 16, 2013

  • Dear lord. Too much Weezer was over a dozen albums ago. I looked them up recently and they have 15!! The only one I can listen to at all these days is their debut. Pinkerton is a whiny cringe-fest that did not hold up into adulthood.

  • RE: Bonus: Wait, is this real?

    Nope. Head over to IG and look for @obscurestvinyl

    It’s rather amusing.


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