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Random Music News for Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Second day in Australia. Still refusing to try Vegemite.

  1. This doesn’t bode well for Ontario finally having a place to hold mega-festivals. NIMBYism wins again. (Via Jake)
  2. ABBA was brilliant in a dark sort of way. That’s the contention of this article.
  3. Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell has announced a new album. He’ll try and make us forget that Timbaland disaster.
  4. Sharon Osbourne collapsed as a result of physical and mental exhaustion. EMS alerted by Ozzy yelling “SHARON!”
  5. Good news for everyone who’s been clamouring for a Taylor Swift mosaic made of Lego. (Via Tom)
  6. The Women’s Institute of the UK is setting up a cake-and-tea stand at Glastonbury. Munchie heaven.
  7. How to see like a bat using sound. (Caveat: you need to be blind first.)
  8. Wanna own a lock of Mozart’s hair? Seriously. THE Mozart.
  9. Belgian noise-rock? Yep. Get on board now.
  10. Tinfoil hat alert: BB King’s daughters alleged he was poisoned.
  11. The brother of DPRK thug/despot Kim Jong-un is a big fan of Eric Clapton. Japanese TV caught Kim Jong-chul on video at the gig.
  12. UK police are investigating 43 music industry figures on allegations of sex crimes with underage people.
  13. A fan died at a Chevelle show in Chicago on Memorial Day. He fell off a catwalk and got speared on two metal rods.
  14. What does a major act spend on developing new acts these days? This might be the answer.

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