Random music news for Tuesday, November 1, 2022

JESUS H. CHRIST! What’s wrong with some people? Once you read that, cleanse your brain with some music news for November 1, 2022.

  1. This isn’t good, Elon Musk. Good luck with taming the Twitter hellscape.
  2. The music charts just don’t work like they used to. See?
  3. Lee Jihan, a K-pop singer and actor, was among the many who died in that Halloween crush in Seoul on Saturday.
  4. Coldplay performed a song banned by Iran to show their support for the protestors.
  5. Morrissey is going to try again with another album in February. He roped in a lot of guest performers, too.
  6. At least one artist realizes that the prices of his official concert merch are too high. He plans to do something about that.
  7. The crowds at Harry Styles shows must be driving some right-wingers nuts.
  8. Imagine if this guy had starred in Grease with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta…
  9. Well, this is weird, TikTok.
  10. Did you have trouble with this Instagram glitch yesterday?
  11. Ratt coffee. Soon every band will have its own brew.
  12. Interested in Bono’s new memoir? Then you’ll probably want to read this interview. (Via Chris)
  13. That’s not a mortgage. THIS is a mortgage!
  14. Someone is trying to sell a pair of tickets for Adele’s Las Vegas residence for $800,000. That’s NOT a typo. I think.
  15. Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge has directed a horror movie. Here are the details.
  16. Are sure, Fox TV? Was playing that piece of music a good idea, all things considered?
  17. Iron Maiden: More popular than ever.

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BONUS: What? Why?

BONUS BONUS: Here’s a rap battle for the ages.

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