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Random music news for Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11 is always a difficult date. It’s even more difficult when it falls on a Tuesday, just like it did back in 2001. Here’s what’s making music news.

  1. So does this mean we’re getting closer to the new Tool album? (Via Moe)
  2. Canadian music sales and streams vs. this time last year: Total albums, -19.1%; digital albums, -20.0%; physical albums, -18.6%; CDs, -22.5%; digital tracks, -22.6%; vinyl, +38.5%; streams, +50.6% (1.116 billion streams last week).
  3. Emimen sold 252,000 physical copies of his Kamikaze album in the US its first week out. That’s not a bad number, but a far cry from the old days.
  4. Here’s a look at music streams year-to-date.
  5. How streaming is changing everything about music.
  6. Smart speakers could have nearly 50% market penetration in the US after this Christmas.
  7. This guy is making six figures annually by teaching online guitar lessons. Nice gig. (Via Tom)
  8. What does America’s only deaf football team do during the national anthem? This.
  9. If you’re a fan of Kate Bush, you might want to look into this new book of her lyrics.
  10. Speaking of books, Toto’s Steve Lukather has a new memoir. The guy’s done TONS in the business (like playing the riffs on Michael Jackon’s “Beat It”) so it should be a good read.
  11. What’s the right font for your band? That’s not a dumb question. Read more here.
  12. If Trump forces Apple to build iPhones in the US, watch prices spike up. Analysis here.
  13. Apple Music has fixed the way it displays albums and singles.
  14. Are you sure you want to be a YouTube star? I mean, REALLY sure? Read this first.
  15. Professor Kanye? Seriously? Apparently.
  16. Maybe he’ll explain his whole involvement in the PornHub Awards.
  17. Next up for the Westboro Baptist Church? Fall Out Boy.
  18. It is VERY tough to be in the concert business in Israel these days. Here’s why.
  19. Ever hear the name Ron Delsener? If you’ve ever gone to any kind of concert, you should know about him.
  20. Here’s another remembrance of The Who’s Keith Moon, 40 years after he died at age 32.

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