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Random Music News for Tuesday, September 2015

Today’s music news comes from Singapore where the haze from Indonesian forest fires is so thick that they’re closing schools because of pollution concerns.

  1. How much are you paying for an iPhone 6S where you are? How much are people in other parts of the world paying?
  2. Is “pay as you go” coding a more fair way for artists to be compensated?
  3. The myth that Ireland hates U2? Yeah, it’s a myth. See? (Via Larry)
  4. The guitarist from REO Speedwagon has died.
  5. A member of Devo got married, The wedding had a 9/11 theme. You can imagine the comments.
  6. Here’s Google’s Eric Schmidt talking about AI–and it applies to music.
  7. What’s the most common song you can’t sing in public? You may be surprised.
  8. Can we declare AM radio to be more-or-less dead in Europe?
  9. Great question: How long should your podcast be?
  10. Oh, dear. I was hoping for better reviews on the movie Kill Your Friends, which is all about the music industry…
  11. …but maybe the TV show spinoff will be better.
  12. Are the Beatles about to get into streaming? That would be huge.
  13. Ozzy Obsborne has been arrested for murder, NOT Ozzy Osbourne. Big difference.
  14. Calgary just got a brand new vinyl pressing plant...
  15. …and the New York Times has yet another article on the vinyl revival
  16. When your hockey career ends, you can always turn to being a country singer like Theo Fleury.
  17. How well is Ed Sheeran doing? This well.
  18. This t-shirt is still freaking people out after 22 years.
  19. Now there’s going to be a Billie Holiday hologram?

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