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Random music news for Tuesday, September 5, 2023

First day of school for a lot of people. Meanwhile, this is the day when the business world wakes up and goes “HOLY SH*T!” and demands that everyone go from 0-100 in 1.7 seconds. It’ll be this way until late November. Fun, huh? Put it all off by browsing through music news for September 5, 2023.

  1. A headline you never want to see: “Porta-potty brawl breaks out at concert.” Naturally, there’s video.
  2. A radio documentary close my heart for obvious reasons: Rock Jocks: The FM Revolution. It’s from 2002, but if you haven’t seen it, you can watch on YouTube.
  3. How’s Johnny Lydon doing since the death of his wife Nora? Let’s check in.
  4. How about an iPhone that costs US$564,000?
  5. Which countries are most interesting in generative AI for…stuff? Here’s an inforgraphic.
  6. Podcast episode recommendation: The Notorious MP3.
  7. Every heard of The Playboy Prince? Interesting life, this guy.
  8. So THAT’S why Noel Gallagher doesn’t like Adele.
  9. Country music is in crisis as it splits between conservatives and liberals.
  10. It’s very possible that Taylor Swift’s concert film will have a US$100 million opening week.\
  11. Meanwhile, Beyonce is facing an IRS tax bill.
  12. If you live in the Toronto area, how many of these extinct venues do you remember?
  13. Here’s more on Spotify’s “white noise problem.”
  14. Extremely generous, Tay-Tay. Respect.
  15. Where is Paul McCartney’s original Höfner bass? The search is on.
  16. Google is now 25. Here are some stats. And here’s why Canada needs bill C-18.

BONUS: Imagine the hell your life might be if your name was Barbie Oppenheimer. Oh.

BONUS BONUS: Bored by the prospect of going back to school/work? Kill some time with these 50 weird internet offerings.

BONUS BONUS BONUS: Funny how this Russian rocket scientist died of “mushroom poisoning” after that moon probe landing failed.

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