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Random music news for Wednesday, December 13, 2023

I really used to like Twitter (I hate calling it X) but my feed is now filled with nothing but garbage and accounts (extreme MAGAs, flat earthers, whacko conspiracists) I did not follow. And then Elon Musk pulls bullsh*t like this. I will try to make music news for December 13, 2023, much better.

  1. Was your Spotify account hacked in 2023? If Lil Dirk showed up in your Wrapped report, maybe.
  2. Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s has a #MeToo story about DJ Rodney Bingenheimer,
  3. Kanye West is in the process of setting up his own news channel. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. Taylor Swift has been branded “the Yoko Ono of the Kansas City Chiefs.”
  5. MAGA types in the US are absolutely terrified at the prospect of Taylor Swift getting involved in politics.
  6. Don’t do this with “Last Christmas” by Wham—or else.
  7. There was a nightclub shooting in Nigeria with “many, many fatalities.”
  8. When you go on tour, you need to get in shape. Here’s how some performers do it.
  9. The Hipgnosis Song Fund had about 65,000 songs under its management. It just sold 20,000 of them.
  10. Did this really happen at Shane MacGowan’s funeral? (Via Tom)
  11. Google will shut down its podcast app next year. (Via Amber)
  12. Handy: All the news about streaming from 2023 in one place.
  13. This is a dive into Spotify’s new plans for streaming royalties next year.
  14. And on that topic, here’s how much Spotify paid out for 10,000,000 streams. (Via Rick J)
  15. A lot of people are traveling to Toronto to see concerts. In fact, it’s a top destination for music fans.

BONUS: I am surprisingly okay with this.

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