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Random music news for Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The church down the street from me is already advertising August vacation bible school. Too soon, people. Too soon. It’s only June 20, 2018. Oh–and here’s some music news.

  1. Canadian music sales and streaming vs. this time last year: Total albums, -17.7%; CDs, -19.4%; digital albums, -22.6%; physical albums, -14.5%; digital tracks, -21.6%; vinyl, +73,6%(!!!), streaming +53.1% (1.345,150,767 streams, up 0.1% from last week).
  2. One in five people who have gone to a UK music festival says they’ve been sexually assaulted or harassed.
  3. One dead, three injured in a hit-and-run at a music festival in The Netherlands.
  4. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new album is being pirated bigly.
  5. Michael Jackson: The Musical.
  6. Pearl Jam had to cancel a show in London because Eddie lost his voice.
  7. Is your team doing poorly at the World Cup? Maybe you can blame it on their playlists.
  8. Frances Bean Cobain has put her Hollywood Hills home up for sale.
  9. Remembering the great evening/nighttime shows on FM radio.
  10. When Ticketmaster has a no-transfer policy when it comes to concert tickets, there is the potential for things to get weird–like this.
  11. Will Ferrell is working on a movie about the Eurovision song contest. That has potential!
  12. A twenty-four-hour nightclub? Yep.
  13. I’m guessing that Tommy Lee and his son didn’t have a very good Father’s Days.
  14. Panic! At the Disco and Satan, together at last.
  15. Selfie mistakes: don’t be like these folks when it comes to misidentifying people as celebrities.
  16. Here’s a great article on self-signaling that helps explain why music fans choose to dress in specific ways. (Via Peter)
  17. Even musicians are getting behind campaigns to ban plastic straws.
  18. Drake just bought his dad a Bentley. That’s a good son.
  19. Was that Adele shopping at Marks&Spencer? Yes. Yes, it was.

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