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Random music news for Wednesday, May 1, 2024

That is one BIG elevator. And here’s a big dump of music news for May 1, 2024.

  1. Families of the victims in the Astroworld disaster involving Travis Scott want the trial livestreamed.
  2. Kayne has another discrimination suit filed against him regarding his Donda Academy.
  3. There is a Taylor Swift-themed addiction recovery group.
  4. Speaking of Tay-Tay, if she flies this much, what’s her carbon footprint?
  5. Why are the Japanese still so crazy about CDs in the era of streaming? Here’s an explanation.
  6. Meanwhile, analogue music technology is very inconvenient. Is that part of why we like it so much? Maybe.
  7. Stressed? Maybe you need a sound bath.
  8. Another musician had a beloved guitar wrecked by an airline. This is heartbreaking.
  9. Tip: Do not vape at an Iron Maiden show.
  10. One year after the death of his beloved wife Nora, Johnny Lydon is still grieving.
  11. A security guard was shot outside the home of The Weeknd’s co-manager.
  12. If you’re a Michael Jackson fan and you have a spare US$100,000 hanging around, you might want to bid on this.
  13. SiriusXM seems to be having a subscriber problem.
  14. Immersive audio is coming to cars thanks to Sennheiser.
  15. LA’s oldest record store is up for sale.

BONUS: All EVs will soon have to make sounds so that pedestrians know they’re there. What will they sound like? Will we be able to tell the brand of vehicle by its sound like we can do with some gasoline cars?

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2 thoughts on “Random music news for Wednesday, May 1, 2024

  • I work in the airline industry, DO NOT ship your instruments in the hold if you can avoid it. The baggage handlers (baggage monkeys, baggage smashers) tend to be low paid and have zero care or interest in looking after your stuff. That smashed guitar is a good example.

    I have seen and heard stories of people having their bags opened while flying (normally through the USA) and had things taken out. That guitar is in a hard Pelican case which is REALLY solid and nothing should have damaged the guitar while it was inside of it. That case was opened and someone deliberately damaged it.

    If you need to move an instrument via air, use UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc. Don’t trust the neanderthals in the bag room with your precious items.

    And PLEASE don’t put your pets in the baggage holds, it is VERY noisy in there full of high pitched fans running (which drive cats and dogs crazy), as well as dark and very scary for them. I have comforted many animals out on the line because they are terrified of the experience that they are having.

  • The guitar is heartbreaking for sure. Instruments are beautiful works of art and engineering that create more art, and should be treated with reverence.
    However, unfortunately what caught my fancy was the EVs making car noises. I want a customizable sounds. I was thinking Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, haha.


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