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Random Music News for Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Didn’t Drake write a song about today? And now, some music news.

  1. Adele’s 25 has leaked online. Her label is trying to fix that.
  2. Meanwhile, this Canadian singer-songwriter is fixin’ to get really rich from the new Adele album. And here’s the song that’s going to do it.
  3. And Donald Trump cut the line at her concert last night.
  4. Does U2 have something all-star like planned in memory of the Paris attacks? (Via Larry)
  5. As of yesterday, 34 radio stations across North America have flipped to all-Christmas mode.
  6. Justin Bieber is praying for Japan. Japan goes “Why?” (Via Tom)
  7. And if you’d like a selfie with Justin, that will be $2,000, please. (Tom again)
  8. And then there’s this about Hansen. Again, why? (And more Tom, who had plenty of extra time today, apparently.)
  9. The Oasis bio-pic is going to use the same director who did Amy. Interesting.
  10. Lars Ulrich almost got fired from Metallica?
  11. Rush has no idea what the future will bring. But Alex Lifeson doesn’t think things are over.
  12. Scott Weiland actually thinks he could be back in STP by 2017.
  13. The Coldplay artwork plagiarism accusation. Just looks like an old-school Spirograph image to me.
  14. Interesting stat: mobile subscriptions now outnumber the people on this planet.
  15. A Paul Anka song is causing a US Super PAC some problems.
  16. Morrissey has a real shot at a bad sex award.
  17. Photojournalists vs. Dave Grohl. Who’ll win this one? (Via Diane)

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