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Random Music News for Friday, January 20, 2017

Off to Winnipeg to see the folks tonight. Oddly, the temperature will be above freezing for the entire time I’m there. Better than the -40 they had last week. And now, the music news.

  1. Was it crack that killed George Michael?
  2. Alanis Morissette’s former manager has copped a plea on charges that he embezzled millions from her and other clients.
  3. Why is Paul McCartney suing now to recover the copyrights for the songs he wrote with the Beatles? Here’s the story.
  4. What’s that weird pinging sound coming from our Arctic? Scientists want to find out.
  5. Now these are some really cool guitar amps from Fender.
  6. Hamilton wants to become a “music city” yet city counselors won’t allow music on outdoor patios. WTF?
  7. There’s now a waiting list at a college that’s offering a course in Kanye West.
  8. Gawd, the American radio industry can be a swamp
  9. The death spiral of the DVD.
  10. The bass drop that’s now in every single movie trailer.
  11. Patrick Stewart is the new voice of the poo emoji.
  12. Bob Dylan is being accused of plagiarizing a photo for one of his paintings. (Via Andy)
  13. Will the upcoming iPhone 8 automatically recognize your face? Maybe.
  14. Why Netflix can turn a profit while Spotify can’t.
  15. The orchestra that helps stroke victims through music.
  16. Guns ‘N Roses says their reunion “wasn’t motivated by money?” Yeah, sure.

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