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Random Music News for Friday, October 10, 2014

Who’s up for a long weekend? Me! Me! Me!

  1. Here’s how music can help impoverished kids do better in school. (Via John)
  2. This DJ doesn’t have a very optimistic view of radio’s future.
  3. Rob Zombie: “Musicians say the dumbest things.”
  4. How outsiders like Lorde are taking over music these days.
  5. Should indie artists look at BitTorrent as a way of distributing their music?
  6. Did you see the performance by the Japanese hologram music star Hatsune Miku on Letterman?
  7. All of Bob Dylan’s lyrics in one, 14-pound book. (Via Tom)
  8. Pink Floyd: Comfortably done. (Via Tom)
  9. Ozzy has a real foot-in-mouth moment over some 9/11 comments. (Tom again)
  10. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the first player to be fined by the NFL for daring to wear the wrong headphones.
  11. An all-news station in Houston has changed its format to all-Beyonce. It’s not a stunt. Honestly. Really. (Still more from Tom.)
  12. Brian Potvin (ex Northern Pikes) is going on tour with Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath). A cross-Canada tour stars on October 19.
  13. Spotify rolls out their “Listen Like a Canadian” app.
  14. No new Adele album until sometime in 2015.
  15. Want to listen to a new Neil Young song? It’s from an upcoming record called Storytone. Go here to listen to “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”

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2 thoughts on “Random Music News for Friday, October 10, 2014

  • I know this is awhile old, but you have Bryan Potvin listed as an EX-Northern Pike.
    They’re still very much together and play many gigs across Canada.


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