Random Music News for Friday, October 17, 2014

On this day in 1919, the Radio Corporation of America was formed. Yes, it’s RCA’s 95th birthday.

  1. What if someone found a way to combine the attributes of Instagram with sharing music? Someone has already? Interesting. Try Tunepics.
  2. If you’re into MP3s, you might have been into Warez. Here’s what happened to it.
  3. Given that U2 dropped Songs of Innocence into 500 million iTunes accounts for free, how many physical copies will the album sell in its first week in stores? The projections are dire.
  4. This music industry is happy because. Google removed links to The Pirate Bay from its search results.
  5. So much for Slipknot using camel shit for fuel.
  6. If you’re looking for something odd/cool/weird for Halloween, how about a GG Allin mask?
  7. The battle to bring hi-res audio (or at least higher-res) to the world continues with an adjustment by Rdio.
  8. This would have been cool: an Alice Cooper show in a bar.
  9. The Black Peas’ Will.i.am is now into wearable tech.
  10. What is Maverick? And what does it plan to do to the music business?
  11. Australian band offers case study in how not to pose for a picture.
  12. So why did the Jersey Boys movie flop?
  13. Bob Geldof opens up about his daughter Peaches’ death.
  14. The evolution of the iPad in 90 seconds.
  15. Ozzy talks about music in the age of computers.

Alan Cross

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