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Random Music News for March 25, 2014

Here’s what I’ve gathered today.  Do what you will with this information.


  1. The Independent has this study of the various eras of club fashion.
  2. How a two year-old song hit 69,000,000 YouTube views in a single week.
  3. What’s going on with China and digital music these days?
  4. Like Muppets? Here are the greatest hits of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. (Thanks to Greggory.  I think.)
  5. For the first time ever, the Junos (now happening in Winnipeg) will stream the Juno Gala Dinner and Awards.  This is the Saturday night event where the majority for the awards–the ones that don’t make the TV broadcast–will be handed out.  Go here to watch beginning at 7pm ET on Saturday.
  6. Here’s an interesting map of the US showing which cities are biggest for specific forms of music. Who would have guessed that Lansing, Michigan, is the US capital for rock?
  7. This is a great story about Japan’s music industry.  They’ve always done things differently and now it’s all come back to bite them on the ass.
  8. So you collect vinyl? So do these people–and they’re serious about it.
  9. And did you hear about the Calgary radio station that deliberately burned $5,000 in cash?  People are horrified and the whole world is talking about it. (Yes, it seems like a waste, but when it comes to efficient spending of marketing dollars, this is BRILLIANT! The station’s Facebook page has been viewed 30,000,000 times in the past week. Damn! I wish I’d thought of this in my program director days!)


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2 thoughts on “Random Music News for March 25, 2014

  • Reading through your random music news reminded me that that I was going to send you a link a while back that a friend of mine told me about. I grew up in Calgary in the 80’s and at that time there was an amazing live music scene. (I’m sure all big cities claim this) The trouble is that almost all of the music I have from Calgary bands from that era is on cassette. There is now a group in calgary called the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society that takes the music from these cassettes and makes it available in a digital format on their website.

    It’s taken me on a bit of a trip down memory lane. Hope you find time to check it out.



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