Random Music News for Monday, December 1, 2014

December? Already? And wasn’t that the longest Grey Cup halftime performance ever? (I’m not saying it was bad. It was just…long.)

  1. The Canadian Folk Music Awards were held in Ottawa over the weekend. Here’s who won what.
  2. More Madonna song leaks. Fishy.
  3. Should anyone ever need 60 songs about New York, here’s the list. (Via Tom)
  4. An American ISP has been sued over music piracy issues. That’s a new strategy.
  5. How to make it as a woman in the music industry these days. This is scarily accurate.
  6. Interpol offered up this stream of a new song over the weekend.
  7. A new study says that streaming leads to three times more sales than radio.
  8. And the Scott Stapp situation continues to be weird.
  9. Lionel Ritchie has been booked for Glastonbury. Yes, you read that right.
  10. Kate Bush continues to come out of her shell. See?
  11. There’s a Frozen sequel in the works. Hands up everyone who’s surprised at this development.
  12. Is Taylor Swift stalking Matt Healy of The 1975? Here are four indications that she is,
  13. Damn. Friday was Wear a Band T-Shirt to Work Day. I missed it!
  14. Not music related, but a good question nonetheless: Why do people have different laughs?
  15. So Morrissey: about your lyrics
  16. A fine photo gallery for people into old school British hip hop and hardcore.
  17. This BBC story on Tunisian electronic music contains the line “You’ve never seen so many Muslims on Ecstasy.”
  18. Just in case you’re a fan of Prince’s Purple Rain, you need to read this.
  19. Metal man involved in serious van crash.

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