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Random Music News for Monday, December 11, 2017

We’ve made the escape from Hanoi and have made it to Hoi An via Da Nang. I’ve got an urge to stand on the beach with “Ride of the Valkyries” on the iPhone. And don’t let anyone fool you: napalm stinks. And now, the music news for December 11.

  1. The surgeon who treated Bono after his serious 2014 Central Park bike accident has died. Suicide.
  2. Speaking of U2, they played the U2 line in Berlin. That must have been fun for commuters.
  3. It’s not just your imagination: there are more Christmas carols and holiday songs than ever before.
  4. This guy spent $200K on one of the craziest homages to Saturday Night Fever ever.
  5. A pub in England has banned all female-fronted bands. You can imagine how that’s going down.
  6. Frances Bean Cobain, artist, is making waves in Miami. And on a related note, this happened.
  7. Some Japanese workers are chased home from the office by drones that blare music.
  8. Parents are hacking this new toucan toy to say some naughty things.
  9. For the first time in 66 million years, we know what a Tyrannosaurus Rex sounds like.
  10. Sufjan Stevens tried to write a song for the Tonya Harding movie, but it was rejected. He released it anyway.
  11. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has opened a shelter for abused women.
  12. The Spotify-Tencent mutual equity purchase is definitely happening.
  13. Pandora has some plans to take on Spotify.
  14. Sammy Hagar is unloading two properties. Here’s what’s for sale.
  15. Oh, Morrissey. Again?
  16. About 95% of all listeners have moved off FM and onto DAB in Norway.
  17. A radio station just for nursing homes. A lovely idea.
  18. Remember when after-market car audio systems were all the rage? Not so much anymore, but people are still into that sort of thing.

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