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Random Music News for Monday, May 9, 2016

In Halifax today. Must. Have. Lobster. And now, in music news…

  1. Here’s a good Monday timesuck: learn to play a virtual Theremin.
  2. U2’s new tour CD pays tribute to the Velvet Underground’s first album. (Via Michael)
  3. There’s an app that makes it a snap to create a music video. The company just raised $100 million in funding. (Via Pete)
  4. Could there be a Hole reunion in the making? Maybe.
  5. Marital discord in the Osbourne home. Did Sharon kick Ozzy out for cheating?
  6. This is great: pictures of 70s punks then and now. (Via Tom)
  7. The advantage of being in a classical music orchestra? When the power goes out, you can keep playing. (Tom again)
  8. Interesting Slipknot-related legal case. Paul Grey’s child–born after he died–can sue for loss of companionship. ((Still more from Tom)
  9. These fragile century-old records made in India can now be heard by everyone. (Tom had lots of time over the weekend, apparently.)
  10. These Imperial Storm Troopers danced their way to victory on Britain’s Got Talent. (Tom! Go outside and play, fer crissakes!)
  11. What do your playlists say about you? (Not as click-baity as it sounds.)
  12. This is the 21st century evolution of the jukebox. This is either really cool or really, really dangerous.
  13. Even if you don’t like classical music, you really should listen to/watch this.
  14. Then we have this street musician and his glasses.
  15. Science says that music can help wake you up. Well, duh.
  16. Here’s a look at the guy who is playing a young Morrissey in the biopic Steven.

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